P.A.S.F. has been involved in supplying equipment and technical expertise for a variety of new and refurbishment projects, including housing, multi-story buildings, defense installations, bridges, power stations, the oil & gas industry and special formwork projects.

Commercial Building & Refurbishment

Projects Access provides support scaffolding to enable the construction of new projects and refurbishments of large complicated office blocks, retail developments and leisure complexes.

Residential Buildings & Villas

In addition to local contractors, Projects Access works with major international contractors for the provision of temporary access and support scaffolding to enable construction of new projects.

Projects Access has ongoing projects with some of Bahrain’s major national companies including Oil & Gas Sector, Aluminum Smelting, and Aluminum Rolling.
Civil Engineering (Bridges)

Projects Access works for major international contractors. Through an ongoing service and painting program, all scaffolding is maintained in optimum working condition to ensure high productivity for on site assembly.

Leisure (Seating Stands, Stages)

Projects Access undertakes contract work for schools, sports stadiums and clubs.

Utilities (Power & Water)

Projects Access works for major international contractors for power stations and storage tanks.

The Company’s accredited material management system can be adapted to suit any major contracting project. Detailed planning and client consultation ensures that quality service is provided at all times.

Some of Our Work